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In basket centrifuges, the solids & liquids are separated by centrifugal force using a filter media (usually a cloth) mounted over supporting mesh, which are together supported inside the rotating basket. The slurry to be filtered is fed through the feed nozzles to the basket and due to centrifugal force the liquid is forced out through the filter media while solids are retained within the filter media inside the basket. These solids then separated or discharged by various discharging methods namely - manually, bag lifting basket, through scrapper, operated manually pneumatically / hydraulically, for which different models are available.
Suspension / Mounting :
All the bottom driven basket centrifuges can be supplied either in 3 point type suspension or the newer 4 point type mounting (on VISCO Damper / Sordino Damper) anti vibration mounts.

Material of construction :
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Hastalloy, Rubber Lined, Fluoro Polymer Coatings like Halar (ECTFE), PVDF (ETFE ), Teflon (PFA) etc. Lining / Coating can be provided on the contact parts as well as on the exterior body for prevention from spillage and corrosive atmosphere.

Advantages of 4 Point Mounting :
  • Level of vibration is much lower & operates very smoothly.
  • Can be mounted on upper floor and can be easily relocated.
  • Almost negligible maintenance cost.
  • Working area is free from abstracts and a clean area can be maintained.

Types / Models of Basket Centrifuges :
  • Pilot Plant Centrifuge
  • Bottom Driven Top Discharge Type Centrifuge
  • Bag Lifting Type Centrifuge
  • Bottom Discharge Type Centrifuge with/without Scrapper
  • Top Driven Bottom Discharge Centrifuge

Additional Features (Optional)
  • Residual Heel (Cake Removal System)
  • Cleaning in Place (CIP)
  • Leak Test as per DIN 24 400
  • Nitrogen Blanking System
  • Speed Indication with Zero Speed Switch
  • Automation
  • Cake Sensor