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Centrifuge - Top Discharge Type

Top discharge centrifuge is the most versatile & basic model of basket centrifuge for solid & liquid separation. After centrifugation the solids are scrapped and removed manually from top. The machine works with quick loading and unloading and possesses a hassle-free functional life. Featuring bottom driven top discharge provision, the presence of precision manufactured external body support along with interlock safety cover makes this centrifuge highly preferred.
  • Mechanical clutch pulley
  • Standard 3 pendulum suspension
  • Variable frequency drive (inverter)
  • Inertia plate and anti vibration mounts (4 point mounting)
  • Simple construction
  • Low maintenance cost
  • Suitable for sticky, hard and lumpy products
Centrifuges/Hydro Extractors are perfect for extraction of water/liquid in Pharmaceutical, Chemical, Textile Industries and ETP plants.

Centrifuge - Bag Lifting Type

Bag Lifting Type Centrifuge is the heavy duty centrifuges with fast acceleration and smooth running. After centrifuging process the solids are unloaded by lifting the basket top along with filter bag and solids. The filter bag is fitted with removal basket top with a bag holding ring. The ring holds the filter bag firmly while filtering and lifting. The bottom opening of the filter bag allows the drainage of solids so as to make the discharge of solids simple and swift. It involves least manual labor and facilitates for effortless loading and unloading along with superior production capacity per batch.
  • Easy and fast unloading
  • Reduction in batch time.
  • Complete discharge of solids.
  • Requires minimum manpower
  • Cake spillage on the floor is minimal.
  • Manual contact with cake is avoided
  • Easy cleaning of the basket in and out
  • More volumetric charge per machine available
  • The time required for cake removal is negligible
  • Full opening of the lid helps in easy maintenance
  • Original Crystal Structure will remain intact as there is no scrapping.
  • Chemical industries
  • Medicine manufacturing
  • Dyes and chemical processing